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Compensation for damages

Compensation for damages is a standard legal consequence that occurs after the infringment of certain legal rights and objects such as, for example, the body and life, health, ownership, possession, etc. Compensation for damages encompasses numerous sorts of indemnification, including monetary reimbursement. We provide our clients with consultation and representation services not only in the region of Istria (Pula, Rovinj, Porec, etc.), but also nationally all over Croatia.

Common examples of legal disputes arising from matters of damage indemnification include:

  • Counsel and representation of the damaged party in front of insurance companies (filing a damage report, filing a damage compensation claim, reaching an extrajudicial settlement);
  • Legal representation in civil court procedures regarding damage claims;
  • Compensation for material damages suffered in traffic (traffic accidents, total vehicle damage, purchase of a damaged new or used vehicle, vehicles damaged in repair);
  • Compensation for material damages incurred due to death, physical injury and health disorders (medical and recovery costs, loss of earnings, incapacity to work, etc.);
  • Compensation for material damages in other matters (dangerous wares and services, defective products, structural and other construction damages, professional liability, damages on real estate and other property, fire, flooding, etc.);
  • Compensation for immaterial damages (death of a family member, pain and grievance, physical malformation, mental disorders, emotional distress, destroyed vacation, etc.);
  • Damage claims in criminal or misdemeanor proceedings (the so called Adhesive procedure);
  • Execution of unpaid claims which were confirmed by a final judicial verdict or settlement.